Diversity SA Skills and Expertise


Diversity SA does motivational speaking in areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. Some of the motivational talks are focused women and men, as well as young adults/teenagers

Policy and Strategy

Diversity SA partners with organizations to assist them develop appropriate strategies on diversity management. We have well-established networks of technical experts and consultants locally and across Africa. We work with our partners to develop and shape the policies and strategies in their organizations.


Diversity SA provides high quality research in the areas of diversity management, retention strategies, and talent management. Our team has research expertise in human resources management. Members of our team have published widely in international peer-reviewed journals. We also conduct research to guide the development and design of training materials.

Training and development/Capacity Building

Diversity SA works with clients to develop capacity. Services related to training and development range from needs assessment to the development of systems, and from the design of training courses and materials to post-training support for implementation. The needs assessment and other methods as well as experience in the field of human resources management, enable us to develop relevant training courses.

Company Profile