Diversity SA Corporate Social Investment

  1. Sponsor a child

Diversity SA empowers children to be more dedicated to school because we understand that education is of utmost importance in building one’s life.  What happens when a child is dedicated to education but lacks the necessary tools that make it easier for them to partake in classroom learning? This is where Diversity SA plays a role in empowering learners; each year we sponsor child with all the necessary tools that will assist them at school. These tools include school uniform, books, school fees and other necessities. We do other projects to empower the young minds

  1.  Job Creation for Young Professionals

The mentoring and sponsoring programs pave a way for us to create jobs for young professionals. We sponsor children, mentor them, train and mould them to be young professionals who will possess the qualities that are needed in young professionals. They grow up to become excellent candidates for the corporate world, not necessarily our family but also other big companies that are looking for such qualities. These programs contribute to the well being of communities and the country as a whole, we attempt to build a generation of young professionals who are aware of what is happening around their communities and do something to change their circumstances.

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